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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  September 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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6:00 a.m. starts right now. . >> nbc 10 news starts now. this woman has been waiting outside for hours, not for tickets for black friday sales. she is camping out to see the pope. >> we have new information on a deadly earth quake in chili. an 8.3 mag new tied rocked the country. they are searching for survivors. we are in for another nice, sunny day. look at that that's beautiful. that's a live picture. the stretch will come to an en. not just yet. just about 6:00 a.m. welcome to nbc news 10 today. >> this morning show is not for wimps. enjoy this womanp-free day right now. let's get to the chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" swartz. >> you know how many years i've done this? i think i have done as many as
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both of you put together. >> oh. >> i'm a whole lot older than both of you. we've got a beautiful start to the day. those high, thin clouds will make for a really spectacular sunrise out there in the atmosphere overall. it is getting a little more polluted, though, because the air is stagnant. we haven't had wind. we haven't had rain. so we got an air quality alert for much of the area through the day today and even into the evening. now, the temperatures starting to go up a little bit in philadelphia, it's 67 degrees. still in the 50s across many other parts of the area as low as 54 in potts town and millvale 55 in mount holly. during the day today, with see temperatures jumping quickly. lots of sunshine, by 2:00 we're already into the mid-80s. it will not stay this way all the way through the weekend and big changes next week. more on that with the 67-day in a few minutes. we're on 95 right now.
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we're starting to see a little bit of volume accumulate over on the southbound side. that's something we are definitely used to. we still have fought had an increase of this drive time. southbound lanes headed into the center city area from wood haven road. we still have ongoing construction to the vine street expressway. no problems. everything is moving along nicely, the drive times should move up in the next 20 to 30 minutes or so. out in new jersey, watch out on the white horse pike, both directions at spring garden road up to flemming pike and in pennsauken township in both circles. we have no problems or delays for the new jersey transit and the patco speed line, tracy. >> thanks. it's 6:02. we are nine days away from the pope's visit to philadelphia.
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>> all the ticketss to see the pontiff are gone. there are churches that have tickets for their parishioners. monique braxton is live, a lot of people hope to get a closer look at the pope. good morning. >> good morning to you both. since we last talked to you. about four people have joined the one pa riscer who spent the night here. check her out. she is all smiles now. she told us she arrived at 10:00 with a blanket and pillow in toe. they distributed tickets to 2 fine parishes based on the faithful members in good standing. the parishes are handing out tickets on a first come, first serve basis or through a lottery. >> i'm really excited to see the pope. i think the pope is, you know, a message of hope in the world today. so i want to get as closes a possible. i want my kids as close as possible. >> reporter: so you guys showed up just after 5:00. >> yes. >> reporter: tell us how excited you are about this opportunity.
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>> very excited to see the pope. i 4i he represents change in the catholic church. >> reporter: those online now say they have been told they will receive one ticket per family member for the pontiff's appearance on ben franklin parkway. that requirement isn't dampening their enthusiasm. they got their coffee in hand. they are discussing the current events of the dade and where they plan to stand on ben franklin parkway. now the tickets are going to be given out in about three hours. we'll be here when it happens and have that for you. live for now from haver town. >> meantime this morning, we are learning more about how the philadelphia police department will protect the city during the papal weekend. yesterday, commissioner charles ramsey detailed some of the plans for the department. police will work 12-hour shifts and no officer will have a day off during that time. >> well, it's going to be a tough three days. we will get through it. hopefully the city will shine. >> leaders are still working out
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some other details of the light transportation. happening today, we'll get a preview of the new exhibit at the franklin institute that features works of art and other objects from the vatican. this morning the media gets a preview. it is packed with historic am and religious pieces, some from mike angelo. it opens to the public on saturday. today in delaware county, councilmembers will get a sneak peek at the world meeting of families commemorative coin. they made the hand crafted bronze medallions, this morning, leaders will gather for the event. we will meet the mint master who worked on the coin. and news from overnight an 8.3 magnitude earthquake killed at least five people, left one other person missing. here is new video, authorities have been assessing the damage. right now hawaii and parts of california's coast are under a tsunami advisory. let's show you where this all happened.
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the epicenter was near santiago the capital of chili t. tremor was so powerful, it was felt as far away as buenes aires, with i is on the opposite coast t. quake triggered panicked reactions at the santiago airport. but it is up and running again. a mall in coastal city, in the coastal city north of the capital had some major damage there. the quake shook buildings in the central city and people were evacuated. >> it's 6:05. dangerous conditions are forcing search and rescue crews to scale back their efforts after days of deadly flooding there. search efforts will resume for the missing people. one is a six-year-old boy who was in one of two vehicles swept away by fast moving waters. 12 people have been confirmed dead after a wall of water hit those vehicles. in all, 16 people have died in flood waters there since monday. meanwhile, new from overnight, two gunmen are on the loose after a double shooting in
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west philadelphia. police say the suspects robbed two 20-year-old men on the corner of 54th and walnut when the victims made a run for it. the suspects opened fire. one was shot in the hand. the other in the leg. both are listed in stable condition. a recent temple law grad is now charged with killing his former classmate. here's the suspect. benjamin ralph. this morning, he is charged with first degree murder in the death of this man, his former classmate. investigators say he was murdered in newcastle county and it happened last month. he was found shot to death outside his car minutes from his hockessin home t. motive is unclear. police say they discovered a substantial amount of marijuana pence the victim's car. ham today in delaware county, a judge will hear arguments on the financial future of the chester upland school district. this week, leaders filed a recovery plan to help the district climb out from under more than $20 million debt.
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at the beginning of the school year the district could not meet the payroll. teachers sided to work anyway. they are now getting paid. there will be a meeting to discuss whether or not to close bluford charter school. it's one of several schools converted in a turn around program. earlier this year the reform commission voted to close it saying it as academic and management short comings. today's meeting is at 9:00 on north broad street. pennsylvania governor tom wolf says republicans are misrepresenting the status of negotiations over the budget stalemate. pennsylvania has been operating without a budget since the start of july. the county, that's more than 78 days. republicans said yesterday wolf rejected their previous offer and that would set back negotiations. wolf countered, insisting he has made an offer to bridge the divide. republicans say they're considering that proposal. meanwhile, wolf has said he'll veto a short-term spending
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package being pushed by the republicans. oh, we got a nice looking start to the day. we're starting to see more and more of sunshine, starting to come off. we don't have the official sunrise yet. those high, thin clouds, make it that much more beautiful. 54 degrees in potts town, 55 if allentown. 56 in reading. but it's 67 in philadelphia right now and 57 degrees in glass borough. 54 degrees in millvale. we have mostly clear skies, just those high, thin clouds from a storm way two our south. just off the southeast coast. it's not really moving anywhere. not going to be moving anywhere for several days. but it could throw some clouds off from time to time. this is the other area that we're keeping an eye on. but as you can see, future-cast
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not showing that southern moisture coming up, not showing the western moisture getting too close and so as we do through saturday, we're pretty sure there is going to be dry. then on sunday, there is a chance of a couple showers, by sunday night as that front gets closer, but you can see as we go into sunday, it's getting a little bit dryer. and so the forecast for the eagles games, generally pretty good. it does not look like it will be quite as warm as today, maybe about 10 degrees cooler and the clouds increase just a slight chance of a shower by late in the game or especially after the game. sunny and warm during the day today, high temperatures in the mid- to upper-'80s, that's about 10 degrees above average. but, of course, that's not going to last. we will talk more about the changes with the 7-day in a few minutes. >> just about 6:10. drive time not so important. in the 6:00 hour, however, it is
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all important. >> let's get you up to date. nbc 10 traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching the roads. >> how quickly things change. we are doing great. out on 422, trooper road wraps around in here headed eastbound towards the schuylkill expressway. we are doing okay. about a minute increase, not too much from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. after you are headed out the door on the 42 freeway in new jersey, no problems. >> that southbound construction has cleared out of the way around depttown, those drive times are okay. five minutes northbound from 55. the rest of the area bridges are in the clear so far this morning. when i come back in the next ten minutes, we'll look at the drive times starting to get up there. tracy. >> all right. thanks. ten after 6:00. 55 degrees outside. we all seen under surveillance video of criminals trying to break into stores. right? but these three crooks decided to skip picking locks and get
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serious power. staying in up the, soon patco will be weight pence for their ride. .
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the time is 6:14. three hooded men broke into a pharmacy using a power saw. watch as they saw through the safe. investigators say the three match the descriptions of the trio wanted for a number of atm burglaries close to this pharmacy. a few organization fighting to ends human sex trafficking. villanova launched the villanova law institute to focus on training law enforcement about human trafficking. it hopes to become an
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international think tank focusing on the issue. >> a very rocky start to the rutgers university football t. team's coach is now suspended for three games. the comes after several players were arrested and suspended for different incidents within the past few weeks. now head coach is being fined. he contacted an academic member of the status of a player. the cool says that's exactly what he was told not to do. sport betting in new jersey will head back to court. two judges removed themselves from the case yesterday. one day after the four major pro sports leagues and the ncaa were ordered to respond to new jersey's request to have the case reheard. >> that means six of ten judges now need to agree to hear the appeal instead of seven out of 12. currently nevada is the only state that allows betting on individual games atikacy nos and
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racetracks. the man that wants to move to the governor's mansion. democratic john carney is serving his third term as delaware's lone member of the house. he planned to support bo biden's bid. after his death, he asked for a chance. carney is a former lt. gov. who ran for governor once before. he lost the 2008 democratic primary to governor jack markell serving his second and final term. the annual constitution celebration is happening today. supreme court justice steven brier is one of the thousands expected at the national constitution center. festivities start later this morning at 6:00.
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they will continue throughout most of the day. 50 immigrants from across the world will officially become citizens as part of today's event. 6:17. traffic starts to build around this hour. especially on 95. let's check it if you are getting ready to head out the door. >> jessica boyington is getting ready to do just that. >> i think you jynxed everyone. 95, we looked at this 20 minutes ago. there was no problem right now, around allegheny avenue southbound, you can see now we have a 21-minute trip as opposed to the normal 12 to 13. you are going to add about ten minutes already. so far to your morning commute. heading out the door, flying through the pa turnpike, no problems. 23 minutes on the most from route 1 to valley ford. no problems so far for the morning. for our southbound new jersey transit and patco. we will check in with new jersey see how it's doing over there. >> now your pbc 10 first alert
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weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" swartz. >> it will continue, warm and dry again. we do have an air quality issue because the air is stagnant. we don't have the wind blowing any pollutants out. we don't have rain washing them out. we do have changes coming, starting later in the weekend. , but especially next week. as we are seeing the sun gradually coming up, 67 degrees . the wind is very light. the humidity is on the higher side compared to what we saw the last couple of days, but the humidity will actually drop this afternoon. so it will be fairly comfortable. even though it's going up to 10 degrees above average this time of year. tomorrow we're into the mid-80s. well, we're 53 degrees in
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chester springs. 55 at kenneth square. you know, it's 57 in washington township. 52 in quakeer town. 50 in coatesville. so there's the coldest of the entire area. 54 in millvale. 55 in woodbine right now. it will warm up quickly as the sun comes up. just like it did yesterday. those high, thin clouds, whatever you see in the sky there totally harmless, because it's all related to a storm that's a thousand miles south of us, not making much progress in this direction as you will see with the future-cast over the next couple of days. there's the next system coming in from the west. it's going to take its good old time. no way it gets here by saturday. if it's going to have any impact on sunday, would be later in the day or at night. and that's when, of course, the eagles are playing and so we have 77 degrees at kickoff.
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not quite as warm as what we will be seeing today a. fair amount of clouds around as we go towards the fourth quarter and just the slight chance of any kind of showers. sunny and warm during the day today. still not very humid. high temperatures into the upper '80s. generally, we see the humidity build up each day. not in this case. and tomorrow, same story. 85 degrees, with not a whole lot of humidity. saturday, very similar. sunday, not quite as warm. a cold front is approaching, clouds increase somewhat. then we really start to get cooler as with ego into early next week. temperatures actually may get below average. all right. glenn, thanks for. that it's 20 minutes past 6:00. a suicide investigation becomes a homicide case. >> what a shame. what a shame. >> this temple student made it through adversity on the other side of the world only to have her life cut short in what
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police say started as an argument. two top philadelphia officials are going after each other. it's all about a 68thing report about dozens of deficient buildings.
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. a controversy at radner high school is coming to a close. teachers say they will write college recommendation letters again. teachers were refusing to write the letters as part of an ongoing dispute between the teachers and the district.
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yesterday the school board confirmed or negotiated the teacher's union for the first time in weeks. and food news if you are a patco rider. will you have full wifi access at all 13 of the stations by early october. the service is available for contact even if you are at an xfinity subscriber. you can register with an e-mail address. comcast is, of course, the parents company of nbc 10. notes ♪ >> and jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. we don't have track in the area. right around 4:22, everything will be nice with the sun coming up. you know, in the next five minutes or so, we will check in with the philadelphia majors packing a punch. >> jessica, we got a beautiful shot there. we got a beautiful start to the
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day. the sun is getting ready to rise. of course, not a whole lot of wind and the temperatures, well, it's shooting up into the '80s again. another day without rain. look at this shot from cape may. those high clouds, on the southern sky, that makes for some of the most spectacular sunrises. high clouds in the western sky makes it the greatest sunsets. so, how long is this great weather going to last? that forecast coming up. >> thank you, glenn. we are checking out the big winners and losers from the presidential debate. donald trump came out swinging, but carley fiorina may have stolen the show. >> she didn't hold back on her appearance and other issues. if you went to bed before that, i'll have a breakdown coming up. i'll take you pence pope frances' first planned stop, once he arrives to philadelphia.
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and we'll introduce you to one of the first people he'll meet. .
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today the republican presidential candidates will be back out on the campaign trail after a three-hour marathon debate. it was a battle between donald trump and carley fiorina. who landed punches? >> new this morning, nbc 10 is taking you behind the scenes, one of the first faces he will visit when he visits philadelphia. one the sun is up, we expect to see a warm-up. good morning on this throwback thursday. you are watching nbc 10 news today. >> let's get to chief meteorologist glenn "the hurricane" swartz. >> good morning, tracy. it is just another beautiful morning out there.
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the sun is getting ready to rise in a spectacular fashion as we look towards the southern sky. bedon't have baseball. we do have football coming. we have an air quality alert. the only issue was the weather today. the pollutants tend to build up because the air is stagnant. no rain to wash it out. we have an air quality alert in effect for today and this evening. the ozone is a big issue. so people with respiratory problems should limit their outdoor activities today. 67 degrees in philadelphia. it was as low as 50 degrees in some parts of the suburbs, k4e69er county earlier, within the last hour. but now the sun is coming up. those temperatures are going up as well and look by 11:00 a.m., already up to 79. 2:00 84 degrees. it's warm this time of year. you know it will stay like that.
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jessica. >> and, glenn, we're out in new jersey, berlin around the berlin circle. in here, you can see through the intersection, no problems. right in here, you are headed northbound towards the bridge. no problems there for drivers around the berlin circle right now. otherwise, in new jersey, we do have an accident on the whies horse pike westbound with the right lane closed and a downpour in the area with police activity on the scene. once you get over the bridges, into philadelphia, we have the typical drive times starting to get up there. southbound up towards the expressway on 95 is now almost about a half hour trip. we have average speeds of 29 miles per hour. so they're crawling. the schuylkill expressway, we're starting to get up there a little eastbound heading into the center city area. we have a 17-minute trip there. as for mass transits, we're in the clear.
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no problems for delays. when i come back in the next ten minutes, we'll do more drive times. tracy. just about 6:33. this morning, we have a virtual look of what it will be like during the pap pal visit on the packway. nbc 10 teamed up with the real jit center to create these images. now, the first stop the pope will make after he lands in philadelphia is at the basilica of st. peter and paul. nbc 10 is live with a preview of what will happen behind closed doors that. katie. >> all right. tracy. as you can imagine, there is a lot of excitement and anticipation behind these doors. still a lot of work to be done. this is where the pope is scheduled to come first when he arrives to philadelphia. now, the director of the cathedral, father dennis gil, will be one of the two people walking the pope down the center aisle. now to prepare for the mass saturday morning here, pope
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frances will go into the church's sachristy. he will get ready for the service there. it's called being vested. he will be assisted by his master of ceremonies who travels with him. >> basically what he will do, that is to prepare himself prayerfully for the celebration of mass. and after smas over, he will return to the same sachristy to get ready for his next stop. >> reporter: and, father gil tells me for the last year his parishioners here at the cathedral have been working hard, preparing projects for the world meeting of families. they spent time repairing the property around here for this momentous occasion. reporting live, nbc 10 news. >> now the nbc 10 app has everything you need to know about the papal visit. you will finds everything you
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need to know about road close years and a list of things you can't take you on the parkway. new from overnight, two homeless men were attacked from behind during what philadelphia police are calling the sneak attack. verdicts stay two men were lit in the back of their heads near broad and oregon avenue, south philadelphia. the suspect ran off and he has not been found. both men are expected to be okay. it was initially deemed a possible suicide for the shooting death of a semple student is now being called murder and the victim's boyfriend is the suspect. yesterday, philadelphia police arrested brandon meade and charged him in the murder of his girlfriend agatha hall. two weeks ago, she was found shot in the head near her home on campus. police say meade claimed he found her dead and says the gun was lying nearby. new evidence shows there was an apparent fight before the situation took a violent turn. we spoke with hall's stepmother over the phone. >> i was shocked because you
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don't send a student to a college to overcome adversity to be subjected to something that quick and that violent. >> hall's stepmother saying police were sorting out the lies her boyfriend told investigators. family members are planning a memorial service for next month in minnesota. it's 6:36. top philadelphia officials are lashing out at each other because of the city's dangerous property. the city controller released a scathing report calling for the led of license and inspection to lose his job. this all stems from an nbc 10 investigation which shows dozens of deficient buildings, like this one. the abandoned building is crumbling under its own weight. the report of the city controller shows 100 buildings like this are around the city. the commissioner carlton williams is calling the report faulty. mayor michael nutter offered his support for williams calling the investigation a person nal vendetta by the controller. >> we're not going to get
6:37 am
distracted be i that nonsense or ego or narcissistic personality disorder. >> it's a lie about a life and safety issue and how can the mayor say that that's a personal vendetta? my god. that's a sin. it's a sin for him to say that. >> the controller is now furious at the mayor. he says the report highlights real public safety issues that have not been addressed now two years after the market street collapse t. mayor says extensive changes have been made. he says they've invested $4 million in new equipment and software and it's much safer now than two years ago. nbc 10 has been tracking the number of vacant properties in philadelphia. they told us there was a total of 25,000, 2,100 is considered unsafe or imminently dangerous. since then the overall number of vacant property versus gone down to about 16,000, but the number of unstapled dangerous property versus gone up to more than
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5,000. 26r7b8g9s republican presidential candidates squared off last night in a marathon debate that lasted more than three hours with one bathroom break. we are live to break it down for us. there it was a long debate. wasn't it? it was the second prime time gop debates for the election season. former hewlett packard ceo carley fiorina was added to the prime stage for that debate. she wasn't in the first one. since then, she has been doing better in the polls, donald trump reported in an interview in "rolling stone" magazine. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. [ applause ] i think she's got a beautiful gays and i think she's a beautiful woman. >> and that was the most tweeted moment of last night's debate, according to twitter and fiorina wasn't the only one to stick it to trump. most candidates went at the
6:39 am
front-runner more forcefully than in the august debate. >> but the simple fact is. >> excuse me, one second. >> no, i did not interrupt you. >> more energy tonight, that's better. >> look, we don't need an apprentice in the white house, we have one now. we don't know who you are, where you are going. we need someone who can actually get the job done. >> and with the next debate not until late october, candidates view is this may be their last opportunity for weeks the appeal to a mass tv audience. that next debate, by the way, is october 28 in boulder, colorado. live in the visual operations center this morning, nbc 10 news. 6:39. hillary clinton stopped by the "tonight" show starring jimmy fallon. there is clinton's first late night talk show appearance. the former secretary of state talked about donald trump and predicted he will stay in the race as long as he wants to. >> he is making the most out of it. i am having a good time watching
6:40 am
it. >> meantime, trump appeared on "the tonight show" last week. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" swartz. >> all right. a lot of beautiful weather continues. a beautiful sunrise coming up across the area. high, thin clouds, 30,000 feet up there. they are not capable of producing any kind of rain. the temperatures this morning are, well, pretty variable as we've seen with clear skies and light winds. 67 philadelphia. wilmington only 59. 64 in potts town and in millvale, we see as low as 50s in coatesville in chester county in the last hour. there are those high clouds down to the south associated with this storm off the coast of florida. it's a thousand miles away. it's not really moving very much, but we'll keep an eye on
6:41 am
it over the next several days because some of the computer models show some of that moisture coming up next week affects us. this is a front that will be affectsing us as we go into the weekend. meantime, we got high pressure over the area. it's nice and dry. it will take a while to get out of here and by sunday, then we have a cold front coming. so we're going to be see d.c. transition day on sunday. after that, is when it really gets cooler. so it's not going to be all that cool for the eagles team. not as warm as the currents pattern. we have more clouds coming in as we go through the afternoon. through the days on sunday and into the evening hours, of course, as it gets going. of course, it will get cooler. sunny and warm today. not all that humid the high temperature into the upper '80s and cooler weather on the way for next week. we see how much is lost through sunday. >> all right, glenn.
6:42 am
6:41. in her last report, jessica lad a look at drive times. >> volume is building. >> yeah, this is a little early for 422. typically we don't see a jam on 422 until about the 7:30 hour or. so you can see right behind me the eastbound lanes headed towards the schuylkill expressway. a 60 minute drive time. that's at least double. it's normally a 7-minute trip. you'll have a hard time doing that. give yourself ten minutes before you head out the door. watch out for a disabled vehicle on lancaster avenue. if you are in new jersey, will you have some lane restrictions on the white horse pike. there are only two lanes headed westbound. expect some volume. you see right in here, all of the roadways still green right now. so that's a good. . give yourself extra time. this will tie you up. we have police activity with that right-hand lane closed.
6:43 am
patco and new jersey transit running on time. you know there is a no-fly zone in new jersey. it's not a ban on planes,up drones, interrupting life.
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>> it's 6:46. the state athletic association voted to ban drones from high school sporting events. they are also prohibited from one of the jersey shore's most popular attract, the cape may lighthouse is now a don't have-free zone along with its home at cape may point state park. violators will be fined. the state park service says drones can potentially harm visitors, cause excessive noise and disturb wild life. >> i think this is a great idea.
6:47 am
i think it's a natural idea and it should be preserved. >> state officials point out the drone policy is consistent with those used be i the national park service in other states. and we are now just nine days away from the pope's visit to philadelphia. people in neighboring communities are also preparing, leaders in camden announced details on parking yesterday. 8500 parking spaces will be available on the camden waterfront. >> that puts people closer to the ben franklin bridge. the spaces cost $30 a day. they need to be preregistered. to register, photo meanwhile, officials are getting ready for an influx of drivers there. they say road closures could force people to flood their street. yesterday leaders talked about those closures, traffic and the safety of its residents. the mayor says police officers will be staked at every intersection and the national
6:48 am
guard willles be in town. the catholic church launched a new app in conjunction to the pope's trip to the u.s. it offers up information on the catholic faith. it provides daily script cure readings and hens users find a parish near them. 12 minutes before 7. a right now a. 14-year-old boy arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school is a social media sensation and offered and internship with twitter and so much more. here's the story. he wanted to show his teacher his invention in irving, texas. they thought it was a bomb. police came and put the boy in handcuffs. and he was suspended from school. >> i built the clock to impress my teacher. but when i showed it to her, she thought it was a threat to her. so, so it was really shad show took the wrong impression of it and i got arrested later that day. >> you imes presidented a lot of
6:49 am
people. police didn't press charges, in a matter of hours, he went viral on social media. president obama invited him to the white house. mark zuckerberg invited him to facebook, nasa scientists invited him to drive the mars rover. . . and happening today, president obama's meeting with the three young americans who tropd a triumphant attack from happening on a train in paris. the white house says the president wants to express his gratitude for their extraordinary bravery t. three subdued a man with tries to radical islam last month. the men have already been honored in france. next month, president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will meet at the white house. it will be the first formal meeting between the two leaders in months. the two leaders will discuss implementation of the iran
6:50 am
nuclear deal and other regional issues. army sergeant bowe bergdahl will be in military court today for a hearing on whether he should face court marshall. he faces charges for leaving his post in afghanistan in 2009. he was captured by the taliban and held for five years. bergdahl was released in exchange for five taliban commanders at guantonomo bay. ten minutes before 7:00. six families could be waking up in kensington for the last time t. philadelphia housing authority plans to supply them with vouchers this morning for public housing. the family pitched their tents because they couldn't afford housing and found no room at local shelters. they wanted to bring attention to the plight of the homeless as they say the city is spending hundreds of thousands on the pope's visit. activists say the fight is not over. >> we are prepared to take more of the philadelphia housing authority's have a can't properties throughout the city.
6:51 am
we'll take this army of people here. we will rehab those things and we won't leave those properties. >> donations are pouring in for others on the list waiting for public housing. >> how about this happening tonight, former legal linebacker jeremiah trotter will walk the carpet as we gets set to bring his movie debut to an audience. that's troert on the big screen. he has a starring role in an independent feature film called "the north star." it's based on two escaped slaves who make their way to buck's county. trotter spent 12 seasons in the national football leak. he said he was just as surprised as yen one to discover he had this hidden talent. >> no, i didn't believe it, you know, but i went and did the read, man, as soon as i read the skrirnths i fell in love with it. >> there you go.
6:52 am
"the north star" was shot several years ago and previously shown at a theater in doyles town the writer and director and producer is a doyles town native. the premier is happening tonight. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" swartz. >> well, this stretch of incredibly warm and dry weather continues. we got another day today. we got another day tomorrow. even into the weekend. the only issue is we got an air quality alert. the pollutants tend to build up and cause, there is no wind to blow them away. there is no rain to wash them out. the changes are coming. starting on sunday, but especially next week. it will be much different than this week. the sun coming up and beautiful
6:53 am
day out there. 57 degree, it says cloudy, partly cloudy, high thin clouds, totally irrelevant. except for the fact that it makes the sun rise that much more beautiful. not much wind out there. 67 degrees in philadelphia. 54 in potts town, 54 in west chester and mount holly. 54 in millvale and you can see temperatures that have gone well up to 83 tuesday, 87 yesterday. we got another day like that coming up. and the dry air continues across the area. we're watching down south in case anything happens later on. but nothing is coming as we go through the day today or into tomorrow. and even into the weekend, it's looking pretty good for the eagles, not quite as warm as what we are seeing today. for today, up into the mid- to upper-'80s. the humidity is not much of an
6:54 am
issue. beautiful weather. saturday, more clouds on sunday, not quite as warm. then significantly cooler next week. >> all right, glen, thanks for that. six minutes before 7:00 right now. let's check your ride to work. now we have an accident. >> you have details on that? >> it's in a spot we normally don't have. a backup right now the 42 freeway at the new jersey turnpike. these are our cameras, behind the accident scene. you can see we have a thrown-minute drive time. specifically a five-minute trip. right off the back, you are adding ten minutes to your commute. if you are headed up toward the ben franklin bridge or the schuylkill expressway. right now, an accident ahead in new jersey westbound, kicking out that right-hand lane. coming up, where will pope frances go first after arriving here to philadelphia? after the break, we'll take you pence that center city location.
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>> behind me is the cathedral of basilica of st. peter and palm the first planned stop for pope frances when he arrives to philadelphia next weekend. he will hold mass pence for about 1,800 people. priests, deacons and other consecrated individuals within the archdiocese, along with parishioners of this church will be at that mass t. director of the cathedral will be one of two people alongside charles archbishop charles who will walk the pope into the church ahead of that private mass. reporting live in center city,
6:59 am
katy zachary, nbc 10 news. and good morning, i'm jessic ka boyington with your first alert. we are approaching an accident scene on 76 westbound around 295. in dplofter city, taking out that right-hand lane, almost doubling that drive time, heading towards philadelphia, give yourself an extry ten minutes before you head out the door. yeah, another day, a lot like yesterday. way above average temperatures. but still not too humid. certainly no rain. we're going to have similar story tomorrow and saturday. then it starts to change things next week. >> all right. >> thank you, glen n. enjoy your friday eve. >> "theed the show" is next. >> can you always get updates on our news or weather with our nbc free app. check it out.
7:00 am
it has everything you need to know about the pope's visit. >> you. >> no you. good morning. target trump. the republican candidates for president take on the front runner and pull no punches. >> is response to attack people on their appearance, short, tall, fat, ugly. my goodness, that happened in junior high. >> we don't need an apprentice in the white house. we have one now. >> his response, vintage donald. >> excuse me. one second. >> no. you could not take -- >> more energy tonight. i like it. >> while carly fiorina responds to comments about her look. >> women heard what mr. trump said. >> was this the breakout performance for fiorina? we'll talk to her this morning. zwr breaking overnight. an


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